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This page last updated : 25/02/18

Short Title: Private Websites : Kit Car Projects.

Links 10 listed on this page. have been indexed under Private Websites - Kit Car Projects and relates to:-A section on private websites that have interesting information about Kit Cars, restoration projects or building and the history of kit cars such as the GSM Dart and Flamingo, 1957 1.6 KCC Porsche Speedster, 2l Covin 911/930 Porsche, The Protea and a Rotary Locost Sports Car.
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See Also: Our Section on Kit Car Manufacturers

A page that contains the links to suppliers of kit cars or reproductions of famous sports cars. These range from the GT40, AC Cobra, Birkin, Lotus, Porsche 356 Speedster, RSK 718, Spyder to Beach Buggies, Jeep type bodies and off road buggies. These are arranged under the following headings:
4 X 4 Jeep Type Bodies
Dune Buggies and 2 seater sport ATV's
GT 40 Replicas
General: Replacement bodies and parts
Hot Rods
Kit Cars for Sale
Spares and Services
Sports Cars - other: AC Cobra, Lotus 7, Porsche etc.
VW based platform: Beach Buggy, Veep, Porsche, Trike etc.

See Also: Car Kits as in Auto Styling

This page contains the links that we have indexed under Parts & Accessories | Accessories - Auto Styling and relates to various auto styling parts and body kits that make your vehicle unique. These include carbon fibre, fibreglass and plastic moulded parts, replacement head light surrounds, air dams, side skirts, Mag Wheel Specialists, Steering Wheels , racing seats, and many more to give your car that "bling" factor, or just to improve the looks of your car.

See Also: Car Kits as in Auto cell phone, sound or GPS

This page contains the links that we have indexed under Parts & Accessories | Accessories - Sound, GPS and Cell and relates to audio or car sound parts and accessories or fitment centres that specialise in the fitment of these components. Also included in this section is GPS and Online Retailers of car sound equipment.

From Sea To Sani Pass - in an AC Cobra

Dunlop Tyres recently sponsored a ground-breaking challenge: to get a Cobra replica race car up the treacherous Sani Pass.... read more...

GSM Dart and Flamingo

The GSM Dart, generally known as the only true South African production car, first broke cover towards the end of 1957. And not only was it designed and built by South Africans, but it was a little sports car that turned out to be years ahead of its time......Read more in an article on CarTorque

Philsvelocity’s Weblog - Luego Velocity Kit

Luego Velocity 4age 20v Blacktop Build

Puma Sports Cars - Wouter's Page on the Puma

Wouter's Page on the Puma History and Other intersting facts

Razzo Sports Car

A page about the South African designed Razzo Sports Car.

T70 spyder inspired scratchbuild in SA

I am building up a self designed space frame two seater mid engine sports car from scratch. I will use it on the road for fun and possibly do some track racing, in our "classic" class out here. I decided to follow a car that is accepted as looking good to everyone, that is, the Lola T70 spyder. Realy .. a very good read.

The Protea - the first SA produced sports car.

The Protea is often overlooked in the light of the Dart, but it in fact beat the world famous GSM to the line as the first SA produced sports car and led the way in fibreglass car body manufacture.......Read more in an article on


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Last update : 25/02/18