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"TwoBoy's" 4x4 in Africa

4x4 Travel in Africa is rapidly gaining momentum and this is our small contribution regarding information we have gathered and found useful over the years - The pictures are all taken by us and we hope they are interesting enough to encourage you to visit these places. We hope this web site will help you.

Pangbourne Africa -2010

Six like minded people will travel through Africa from London to Cape Town in two Toyota Land Cruisers, crossing 16 countries and covering 25,000 km in four months. The vehicles will be shipped from Cape Town to London towards the end of 2009. Our journey will commence during February 2010 from Pangbourne College in Berkshire, England.

Philip Vermeulen's African Journey (Rangie)

Welcome to the website of my overland trip through southern and eastern Africa from December 2001 until April 2002.

We will be travelling in my 1979 Range Rover. I have owned this vehicle for a couple of years and have used it for various trips in Southern Africa. In my opinion, and despite popular perception to the contrary, old Range Rovers are very well suited to this type of trip.


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