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Short Title: Section Index : Online news and info

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Online news and info and relates to various websites that specialise in providing motoring news, information updates and the major events in the South African automotive scene.

Car reviews and specifications(4)

Links to providers on car reviews and the technical specification of cars.... is designed to provide you with all the information you need to know about Caravan Parks and Caravanning in Southern Africa. Keep your Practical Advice Lists together in a safe place, preferably in your caravan...



Motorheads South Africa - event diary

Motoring Costs: Kinsey Reports on car part costs

Kinsey Report Introduction The Kinsey Reports on car parts prices have been around for 15 years probably conjuring up visions of great piles of spark plugs, radiators, headlights and fenders, - all of which are duly price tagged and compared in a large chart. It has become the yardstick for pricing comparison for both the general public and the fleet operator and has become a regulator within the motor industry itself.

News Papers - Motoring Online(0)

Links to newspaper motoring news sections, where they present artciles online....

Online New and Used Car prices(2)


Online news(14)

An index to all the online motoring news providers in South Africa, such as magazines and online ne...


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