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Short Title: Driver Training : Advanced Driver Training.

Links 13 listed on this page. have been indexed under Driver Training - Advanced Driver Training and relates to:-a range of driver training for high performance cars, better defensive driving, 4 x 4 driver training and training of employees who are fleet drivers.
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Audi High Performance Driving Courses logo

Audi driving experience has been contributing to road safety in South Africa by means of high quality advanced driver training programmes since 1987. In 2007 Audi driving experience celebrated its 20th anniversary making it by far the longest running high performance driving course in Africa.

Dave Johnston Driver Training

National training for Fleet Owners and Groups.
Anti collision course, hijack prevention seminars, road risk seminars, advanced driving courses, advanced driver training

Volkswagen Driving Academy

At the Volkswagen Driving Academy, we offer a full range of advanced driving courses designed to help ensure your personal safety on the road. Not only will you gain practical driving experience, but also confidence to deal with potential dangers, from avoiding collisions to the optimal way to respond in a hijack situation. Course vehicles include the Golf GTI and the formidable Touareg.

Adrenalin Driving Academy

Specialise in the following courses:
Advanced Driving Courses
Defensive Driving Courses
4 x 4 Driving Course

Driving Dynamics

Specialised driver training courses.
• Advanced driver training for passenger & 4 x 4 vehicles
• Hijack prevention
• Self protection

He says “The K53 driver training system is a great way to learn the basics but you need more sophisticated skills to deal with the unexpected, like avoiding collisions, regaining control of your vehicle, recovering from aquaplaning, or even just braking properly in an emergency. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of these skills as the exclusive domain of racing drivers. You child needs to know this stuff if he or she is going to get around safely on our roads.”

Master Drive

MasterDrive provides advanced driver training where students are taught how to react in emergency situations. The overriding message is how to avoid the accident from taking place by thinking ahead.
Properly trained drivers have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. In controlled environments students experience realistic imminent accident situations on real roads at real highway speeds and learn how to avoid them.

National Hijack Prevention Academy - Centurion

Offer : Hijack Prevention / Security Awareness
Defensive Driving & Evaluation
Skidpan / Collison Avoidance
Taxi / Minibus program
Trailer / Towing training
Gravel Road Training
4×4 Off-Road Training
Night Driving
AARTO and Road Traffic Act
Reverse Training
COMBO Training Packages

TOPGEAR Driving Academy

TOPGEAR Driving Academy has a vision to develop and deliver quality training that will enhance skills within Southern Africa. In essence we want all candidates that attend our courses to be PROACTIVE, rather than reactive, to excel rather than be mediocre. Our company motto reflects our training focus:

SETA accredited training provider

Track Daze

Track-Daze offer an organised track school with more track time, marshals, instructors and paramedics at awesome tracks like Phakisa and Kyalami.

Zwartkops Driver Training Centre

Zwartkops embraces all aspects of Motoring in Southern Africa and offer TETA Accredited Courses in:-
Defensive Driving
Skid Control with Skidcar
Eco Driving
Hijack & Road Risk Seminar
Corporate Functions


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Driver Training Zone - KZN

Our Aim is to Promote Driver Training and Driving Skills to Licensed Drivers to create a Safer Driving Environment for all road users.

If employees drive defensively, and more alert, they will try to avoid dangerous situations which could result in a collision.

We conduct defensive driver training at your premises. This saves on downtime.

Pro Driving Tactics

Johann von Bargen, the 'Traffic Guy' on East Coast Radio & Managing Director of Pro Driving Tactics, has been on the forefront of the fight against hijackers.

With his seminars on anti-hijacking techniques & defensive driving & the cutting down of accident rates, the message has been delivered to tens of thousands of people around South Africa.

W. Cape
Killarney Advanced Driver Training Centre

The premier advanced driver training centre in the Western Cape. We specialise in driver education and training at all levels and all vehicle categories. We are nationally accredited with commerce and industry, with an excellent track record since 1984..


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