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Short Title: Section Index : Driver Training

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Driver Training and relates to driver training schools as well as advanced driver training schools.

K53 - Learning Aids and Information(2)


South African Institute of Driving Instructors

SAIDI is a national, multi-racial institute, established in 1977, under the auspices of the National Road Safety Council (NSCR), in order to place driver training on a co-ordinated basis, and to professionalise and standardise the driver training industry.

Advanced Driver Training(13)

a range of driver training for high performance cars, better defensive driving, 4 x 4 driver trainin...

E. Cape: Adventure 4X4 Academy

We offer certificated 4x4 driver training for all makes of vehicles and are linked to certain OEM programs. If you own a Mitsubishi, Jeep, Merc ML, VW Touareg or Toyota 4x4, contact us to find out more about the specifics of these OEM programs. We are also registered with SANOTA (South African National Offroad Trainers Association), thus ensuring compliance with all the future standards required by the government.




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