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Short Title: Clubs - motoring, cars, classic, vintage : Clubs by activity.

The links listed on this page have been indexed under Clubs - motoring, cars, classic, vintage - Clubs by activity and relates to:-
Car clubs we have have found to date where the main aim of the club addresses a specific activity rather than a make of vehicle. This includes, for example clubs for builders of Kit Cars, 4x4 clubs, and Beach Buggy club.

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Association of All Wheel Drive Clubs of Southern Africa.

The AAWDC was formed under the guidance and efforts of the three major Four Wheel Drive Clubs in South Africa, namely the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa, the S.A. Jeep Club and the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa. The membership of the AAWDC has grown since it?s inception to 24 Member Clubs and now represents more than 4 000 individual members. The Member Clubs are spread over all the provinces or regions of South Africa and Swaziland and Botswana.

4 Wheel Drive Club SA - Kwazulu Natal

The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa is a family orientated recreational 4x4 club that stands for responsible off-road driving. Our club is involved with family outings, off-road challenges, driver training, camping trips and environmental conservation.

4X4 ATV Organisation

The Name 4X4ATV explains that we group under All Terrain Vehicles whose main purpose is that of off-road usage.

Organisation activities are mostly of a family nature. A monthly meeting is held where members can put their vehicles to the test, improve their driving skills and socialise with fellow members.

Organisers of the TOYOTA RUST DE WINTER 4X4 JAMBOREE and various other events.

4x4 Offroad Adventure Club [Cape Town]

From it’s inception the 4x4 Offroad Adventure Club was promoted as a club for the self employed and professional person who enjoyed offroading, more as a means of getting to a wilderness destination than driving trails (even though we still drive trails). Members are encouraged to bring their families to outings and we endeavour to make all the outings “children friendly”, although being single is no deterent and a number of members are not married and in some cases the members family do not enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

4x4 Offroad Adventure Club [Gauteng]

The Gauteng branch was founded in 2000 to promote active and responsible 4x4-ing in the Gauteng region, based on the principles of the mother club, in Cape Town. The club currently has over 120 member families, and is growing rapidly, within the framework and philosophy of the owner, Alan Goodway.

4x4 Outthere Club

Weekend trail trips, +/- every 6 weeks Self- / Catered trips Camping - own tents, self- or catered accommodation Fun for the whole family Day trips Explore our beautiful province and country

Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

The club is a family-orientated, recreational club for 4x4 owners that stands for responsible off-road driving. It was established in March 1972, when a dozen 4x4 enthusiasts gathered to form ‘The Four Wheel Drive Club of South Africa’ which became ‘The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa’ when the Botswana and Swaziland sections were incorporated. Currently the club consists of ten branches with about 1600 members.

Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa (Western Cape)

he Western Cape Branch of the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa was established in 1977 and has grown steadily over the years. The Four Wheel Drive Club is the largest four wheel drive club in Southern Africa and is not restricted to any single vehicle type.


4X4 Training and Adventures for Women

GirlCub is an innovation in the world of 4x4ing - a dedicated 4x4 experience for women - that is owned and run by women. The idea of the company has been around for a while - and we saw too many 4x4 excursions where the only place that a woman would be able to enjoy the fun was from the passenger seat..

National Off-Road Workgroup

The NOW representatives are all volunteers that are actively involved on various forums, clubs and associations in the 4x4 industry, other than serving on NOW. Time is a limiting factor and not freely available.

Western Cape Challenge Club

Organisers of the Western Cape 4x4 Challenge Championship

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Beach Buggy Club SA

Our club is devoted to Beach Buggies of all types.

The club is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and we get together at least once a month for a variety of runs and social events.

Camping & Caravaning
Camping Club

We are a group of friends who get together once a month (every month) and camp. We are not a caravan club and therefore only camp in tents. Being a member of a club exposes you to many venues that you would not have thought of going to and also adds that 'little bit of security'.

Motorhome Club of South Africa

To further and protect the interest of motorhome owners
To encourage the development of motorhoming
To establish and promote exemplary code of conduct amongst motorhome owners
To hold regular rallies, meetings, and tours
To co-operate with similar organisations
To preserve the countryside and access thereto

Modified cars
Exclusive Racing Development - Teamerd

Main goal is to offer advice on all aspects of car modifying, track-racing, sound and style as well as general care and maintenance. Most of this is done via our website forum, with topical input from fellow club members and other forum users. We also organise meet-up events on a regular basis - ranging from breakfast runs, dyno days and park-offs to group attendances at racing events and car shows.

GTA-Mods Car Club

he club is a very excusive car club. Only people with a real passion for cars in this club. The club will be limited to 40 members in the Western Cape and 40 in Gauteng.
Only the best cars will do for the club.We do have our own club events for the members such as Breakfast Runs, Power Dyno Days, Cruizes, and Monthly meetings.

Team Zoopedup

Team Zoopedup is a non brand specific car club for anyone, modified car or not. Our members are from all races and places living the modified car lifestyle. Join the team and get your Zoopedup stickers, Zoopedup T-Shirt and membership card which you can use to get discount at various modified car shops to kit out your ride!
We host events across the country such as Dyno days, breakfast runs, track days, social meets, parking lot cruises and gymkhana’s so you can meet modified car enthusiasts and put faces to the names you interact with on the Zoopedup website.”

The Rallyesport Club - Johannesburg

Our club caters for those who are serious about rallying and socializing. We hold monthly "Noggins" and publish a bi-monthly newsletter, organise an annual go-cart challenge and a club championship incorporating varied and interesting events.

Team Krazy

Team Krazy has grown in 2 years to become one of the premiere, elite car styling clubs in the country. The club currently has approximately 40 members in Durban, 20 in Johannesburg and now has chapters in England and Australia and is growing everyday. It is a “local club with global reach”.


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