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Short Title: 4x4 Trails - Directory of : Free State.

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4 x 4 routes, trails and tracks that we have discovered in the Free State Area.

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Koranna / Merrimetsi guest farm

The Merrimetsi 4x4 family trail is designed with the family in mind, but still offering dad enough challenges to truly test his nerves. Your day starts in the erosion ditches were you and your vehicle are put through the paces to see if you both still have what it takes to tackle the trail. The trail combines superb mountain scenery with great driving challenges in an area steeped in South African (Boer) War history, and rich in fauna and flora. No less than 266 bird species have been identified, along with 52 indigenous tree species.


The two main 4x4 trails have slopes of approximately 30 degrees. The surface varies between solid rock and sandstone gravel. Getting up the mountain requires at least low range, and possibly a diff lock of some kind.

These tracks suitable for bikes, quads and 4x4 have different grading levels, ranging from 2 to 5, which you can move up as your skill increases.

Marquard and Clocolan
Marquard - 4x4 Adventures

For t he past 14 years, hikers have been taking to the Koranna Hiking Trail in the picturesque Koranna area. Now, 4x4 enthusiasts may also explore this beautiful environment and put their driving skills to the test.

The route is approximately 20 km long and it is suggested that 6 - 7 hours be allowed to complete the route in order to enjoy all it has to offer in the line of breathtaking scenery, wildlife, a variety of flora and birdlife.

Berakah Eco Trails

Berakah Eco Trails - Accommodation with a 4x4, mountain bike, quad bike and hiking trail set in the Vredefort dome just 14 km outside Parys.

The Berakah 4x4, mountain bike, quad bike and hiking trail set in the Vredefort dome just 14 km outside Parys, offers one day or a weekend getaway filled with endless fun, challenge, thrill and nerve wracking experiences. The dome area is a huge dome shaped geological structure in the vicinity of Parys and Vredefort.


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