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Short Title: 4x4 Trails - Directory of : E. Cape.

The links listed on this page have been indexed under 4x4 Trails - Directory of - E. Cape and relates to:-
4 x 4 routes, trails and tracks that we have discovered in the Eastern Cape Area.

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EC Offroad Adventures

If you’re looking for an offroad adventure, you’ve come to the right place. We cater for everyone from the novices right up to the extreme hard-core adventure seekers. Our aim is to help you explore the Eastern Cape in a totally different way, all while using your own 4×4 vehicle and gaining experience.

Port Elizabeth
Offcamber 4x4 Adventures

Offcamber Adventures is situated 40 km from Port Elizabeth, in the depths of the Elandsriver Valley.

The 4x4 offroad trail offers both 'ou aape' and newcomers alike a memorable experience. With careful driving one can negotiate the whole 4x4 trail (6 hours), having a lot of fun and without incident. There are various emergency exits which allow one to shorten their drive to suit their needs.

Ferndale 4x4 Trails

There are 4 routes to choose from (grading 3 - 5). Ferndale has been on Drive-out Magazine's top 10 from 2004-2006 and was placed on the "Roll of Honour" in 2007.

1. Ferndale Scenic Circle Route - easy 18.7km drive - look out for over 130 bird species.
2. Redcone Route - moderate 19km drive - traverses a stream 13 times.
3. Ferndale Wild Route - is a steep & tight 14.5km ride for adrenalin junkies, joining the new "Underberg" road. Diff-lock is recommended.
4. Ferndale Diff-lock Alley - 11.5km drive leading onto the new "Underberg" road. Diff-lock is essential.

Tel: 045 843 1741  

Port Elizabeth
Cape Nuture - Walker Bay Fishing Trail

Walker Bay Nature Reserve - Communities will now be able to reach their favourite fishing spots along Die Plaat when the recently developed Walker Bay Fishing Trail, close to Hermanus, officially opens gates on 17 September 2007.

Cape Nuture - Kammanassie Nature Reserve

The guesthouse is an ideal stop-over for people who want to enjoy the 4x4 trail or one of the two day-hikes offered on the Kammanassie Nature Reserve . The reserve is situated 15km outside Uniondale. Uniondale is situated only 120km from George and Oudtshoorn, and 75km from Plettenberg Bay and Knysna.


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