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Camera Ready Cars - Cape Town

Servicing the Film Industry with the best in car preparation, specialised car transportation, precision and stunt driving and special camera tracking vehicles and equipment.

In order to stay ahead of the game, they have assembled the best drivers together with state of the art equipment, and a uniue anti-static cleaning system and Peelcote car colour treatment.

Movie Action Cars - Johannesburg

In the automotive advertising industry, "the car is the star." We know each frame of film has to be perfect. Our field techs have an average of more than ten years of experience on the job - a depth of experience that will make a positive difference in your project. Our Transportaion Departement offers a variety of car carriers, open and closed carriers to transport your vehicle to and from locations, Nationwide.

Movie Auto Detailing Company - Cape Town

Film and photographic shoots require more than simple transportation to and from location. Precision driving for those difficult takes, and on-set car prep technicians are always a hand to ensure that the client’s product is always pristine and camera ready.


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Last update : 15-10-2017