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Short Title: Vehicle Insurance : Insurance - Mechanical Breakdown/Extended Warranty.

Links 9 listed on this page. have been indexed under Vehicle Insurance - Insurance - Mechanical Breakdown/Extended Warranty and relates to:-Various insurance policies that provide cover for mechanical breakdown or extended warranty insurance cover and some of which provide off road cover, including outside South Africa
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Autocare Warranty (New & Pre-owned Vehicles)

The customer's vehicle is insured for breakdown of the major mechanical components, such as engine, gearbox, differential, drive shafts, steering, fuel system, and braking and cooling systems.

Cross Country Insurance Consultants

All Terrain is insurance that goes out of it's way to help. Covering everything the 4x4 enthusiast requires, from bullbar to towbar, circlip to circumstance, it is the peace of mind and protection you need.

LiquidCapital (Pty) Ltd

LiquidCapital, under the umbrella of its one-stop shop philosophy also provide car care and bike care products such as: Service Plans,
Maintenance Plans,
Deposit Cover,
Ad Cover,
Tyre and Rim Protection,
Paint Tech Protection,
Extended Warranties,
Roadside Assistance.

Motor Xtender logo

Drivers can now afford to keep cars of all ages mechanically safe and sound with Hollard Motor Xtender which has no expiry date, affordable monthly premiums, no ‘wear and tear ’ loopholes, clearly stated benefits and the option of four levels of cover.

MotorHappy - Imperial Group

You are eligible for a Maintenance Plan if, at the start date, your car has travelled less than 99 000 km;
is less than 4 years old (calculated from the date of first registration);
has a valid manufacturer warranty or valid manufacturer Maintenance Plan; and
has a full manufacturer service history as per manufacturer frequency and specifications - done by the original manufacturer-approved facility.

Motorite Insurance Adminstrators

Local Branches in most provinces

Unitrans Insurance Limited

Unitrans Insurance in conjunction with the Automobile Association(AA) have created a unique product designed to enhance the Unitrans Maintenance Plan. As a valued policy holder our Roadside and Medical Assistance programme offers you an exclusive Unitrans Helpline.

Unity Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

Unity Financial Services (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of the Telesure Investment Holdings group, which owns several of South Africa’s leading insurance brands. The Telesure brands are fully equipped to provide customers with insurance products that best suit their needs, and Unity Financial Services is proud to extend this service through our products.

Warranty Solutions

If you have experienced mechanical failures on your vehicle recently you will be aware of the costs involved in vehicle repairs. The technological advances in Motor Vehicle Engineering and Electronic components have made the cost of Motor Repairs almost outside the average motorists affordability. R 20 000. repair bills are not uncommon.

It is for the above reason that many motorists will not purchase a vehicle if it does not have a warranty attached as part of the deal. But what happens when this warranty expires?


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Last update : 25/02/18