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Short Title: Tyre Supply and Fitment : Info About Bike Tyres.

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Suppliers of tyre replacement, rims, Accessories and wide wheel conversion kits for superbikes, motorbike, Quad, ATV, golf carts etc.

CY Tech - TYRE TALK (Tires)

We have been very fortunate during our extended travels throughout the African Continent to have specifically focused our interest on all the facets of the various makes of Tyres fitted to the various makes of Motorcycles which participated. With the extensive knowledge gained and first hand experience carefully noted, our organisation prides itself and can confidentially profess and announce that we are the only authority in actual practice and not theory on Motorcycle Tyres in the entire Motorcycle Industry in Africa. This does not however apply to any racing or competitive competition facets whatsoever.

Flames on my Tank - motorbike tyres

Selecting the correct tyres for your motorbike is more involved and should only be undertaken after a lot of research. Fortunately the Internet has a lot to offer from input from manufacturers and bikers themselves


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