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Bike 2 Bike

Specifically designed and created for reliable, hands-free and clear motorbike communication while riding; the Supertooth Moto truly is the ultimate Bluetooth enabled bike intercom headset intercom system for motorbikes today.

The Bluetooth enabled motorbike headset intercom system allows you effectively to accomplish the following functions while riding: Answer or make a call on your cellphone. (helmet to cellphone) Talk between two people on the same bike (rider to passenger) Talk between two bikes (bike to bike/rider to rider) Talk between many bikes (bike to group)

Midland Motorcycle Intercoms - Senekal

Midland has been a world leader in wireless communications for nearly 50 years, with an extensive line of land mobile radios, CB and PMR446 radios, VHF marine radios, weather / all-hazard alert radios, itinerant radios and a line of quality antennas and accessories.

Midland consistently delivers affordable and reliable communications, from basic PMR 446 Licence Free radios to sophisticated systems.

Scala from GPS4Africa

The Scala Rider Teamset for motorcycle riders offers Bluetooth handsfree communication both via intercom with your passenger and your Garmin Zumo/mobile phone. Scala’s Teamset for motorcycles even enables the passenger to be conferenced into the call.

Spirit Motorcycle Accessories - Montague Gardens

Established in 2011 Spirit Motorcycle Accessories offer a variety of products that are designed and developed in South Africa. Stocking a range of helmets, clothing, Bluetooth intercom systems and more.


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