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Short Title: Light Bikes, pocket bikes and Quads : Battery operated.

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These links refer to distributors and retailers of battery operated Bikes or Quads.

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E-Bike South Africa

E-bike SA is a dynamic business enterprise started by founding members, Elroy Thompson and Wayne Dawson, in 2007. The members were investigating ways of offering an alternate method of motorized transport and one means that came to mind was electric powered bicycles. The members of E-bike SA also have business interests in Induction Design and Maintenance (Pty) Ltd. This company specialises in industrial automation, heavy current electronics and research and development into alternate fuels and techniques that are more eco-friendly.

Tel: 041 9610697   Fax: 041 9610697  

GoPed Scooters

Stand on battery powered scooters

Jet Runner

OSET Bikes South Africa - Faerie Glen Pretoria

Final production versions of our OSET electric Mini Dirt Bikes are HERE! There are two sizes available: a 12.5" wheel bike for 3-5 Year olds, and a 16" wheel bike for 5-10 year olds.
OSET Bikes South Africa
P.O. Box 39915
Faerie Glen Pretoria
South Africa

Polaris - Battery operated scooter

This smart little battery operated two wheeler reaches speeds of up to 25km/h. It runs for two to three hours at a time and recharges within roughly two hours. Don't be fooled by it's snazzy looks.. a Polaris scooter is a robust toy with front and rear suspension, designed to zip around with big Kids weighing up to 150kgs.

Radical Motors CC - Pretoria

Radical Motors CC is an inspired young company that imports and distributes electrically operated bicycles throughoutSouth Africa.

SA Scooter Shop

At SA Scooter Shop, we make it our policy to only sell electric scooters that offer the best value. We’ve tested the products that are available, and have chosen the most reliable, the highest quality, and the most fun scooters on the market.

eZee SA - Advanced Electric Bicycles

An eZee electric bicycle looks exactly like a conventional bicycle, but is fitted with a state of the art electric motor, battery and controller system. It encourages cycling through providing all the gain of conventional cycling, but without the pain.

Tel: 0827454962  


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