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Short Title: Direct Importers : FJA Africa.

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FJA Africa

FJA is the sole distributor of Eurotrac and Keeway Motorcycles in Southern Africa. We have numerous dealers all over South Africa and in Malawi, Mozambique and Angola. We are dedicated to the service and backup of our product. We have been around for a long time and have a thirteen year history of quality service behind us.

Tel: 011-4935512  

EUROTRAC - Craighall

We are pleased to announce that the EUROTRAC range of motorcycles and technology has now been made available to us. The Eurotrac range has been developed for the European market over the last 10 years and is their biggest seller in this market. All the motorcycles we import from now on will also carry the EUROTRAC logo and be upgraded to incorporate the Eurotac performance and specifications in their design.

Tel: 011-4931840   Fax: 011-4935512  

Keeway Motor - Craighall

FJA South Africa have been appointed sole agents for the Keeway range of motorcycles. Keeway is based in Hungary and is one of the most popular brands throughout Europe, within the range they produce.

Their products are highly advanced and incorporate the most modern of technology.

Keeway is owned by QJ who are also the owners of Benelli motorcycles in Italy. Technology from all, filters down into the Keeway product.

Tel: 011-4931840   Fax: 011-4935512  


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