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Caledon 400

National Castrol Winterberg Enduro

Organised by Rover Motorcycle Club
The club organises enduro's, off-road racing for motorcycles & quads and Moto X. All these aspects cater for both seniors and juniors. National events in all these categories are organised every year. The National Castrol Winterberg Enduro is the longest running national and has been organised by the club for 32 years.

North West Motorsport

The following Rules & Regulations in conjunction with the Motorsport South Africa Rules & Regulations pertaining to motorcycle competitors, herein referred to as the “White Book “, as well as the Guidelines for North West Motorsport will outline the criteria for a Junior Motorcycle competitor to be eligible to compete and qualify for North West Colours in the North West Motorsport Championship for 2006.

Roof Of Africa

Fourty years of race history, and the "Roof" stands as the flagship of all Hardenduro events - worldwide. For its 40th anniversary edition, race promoter BABOONS have taken on the duty of organising the international side. For the first time there will be specific packages available to European riders. Those who accept the challenge will be rewared with an unforgettable countryside, incredible atmosphere and the most stunning experience imaginable.


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